Relationship Coaching

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Are you struggling in one of your relationships? Are you getting tired and disappointed because your interactions are not bringing you the results you so desperately want? I understand this kind of pain; I have been there. It can feel overwhelming. Whether it is with your spouse, family, friends, or business colleagues, relationships can be challenging. I have been working with people for over 15 years helping them to restore and reignite their relationships. My confidential mentoring program is designed to come beside you as an individual, couple, or group to teach you concepts and tips that will move you forward step by step in the direction of your vision. Don’t wait any longer; your relationship does not have to stay the way it is. Begin your journey towards healing and restoration by signing up for a free 30 minute discovery session.

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  • Hurting marriages with resentment, anger and betrayal
  • Healing from the past including: abuse, parental issues, negative experiences
  • Conflict resolution: identifying triggers and anger management
  • Communication with compassion: how to speak to learn the truth
  • Strategies for getting on the same page: how to work with differences
  • Custom designing your life so it is meaningful: understanding your mate
  • Spiritual growth: integrating how God love’s
  • Family relationships
  • Life purpose


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Group learning and facilitation

Thursday nights 6:30-8:00

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