You’re Invited to Live your Love on Purpose!

Develop more loving relationships

Often our daily pattern of loving others doesn’t always show our best side, nor does it bring out the best in others.  This can be an enormous challenge.

“Love is patient.
Love is kind.”
1 Corinthians 13:4

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Are you having challenges in your relationships?

When we allow old patterns of behavior to continue we create the same negative response over and over. I can help you learn new patterns of behavior that will bring out the best in yourself.

Would you like to learn how to live your love on purpose? It is natural to model how we experienced love growing up, but this is not always healthy. I can help you with your perceptions of what love is and add to it with concepts and tools that will allow you to transform your love to a deeper level.

Help is Here!

Are you considering a separation or a divorce? Many times people feel alone in their pain during this time and are in need of healing the hurt. I can support you during this time and help you to look at new aspects to incorporate into your relationship or help you to heal in your loss.

Experience God’s Love

Do you long to know God in a deeper way? It is easy to think we love God and have a relationship with Him; but are you happy with where you are in that relationship? It would be my joy to walk with you in creating a personal relationship with your Creator. Once you study Christ’s love for you it will be life changing. Imagine how powerful it would be to integrate that kind of love into your own relationship.

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