Coaching Program

Experience Deeper, More Loving Relationships

You are invited to discover the possibility of experiencing the level of joy and love that you want and you deserve. Enjoy the love you were meant to live.

Work with Relationship Coach Nancy Burroughs.

Nancy has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and the experience of 23 years of marriage and 3 children. As a Motivational Christian Speaker, Nancy Burroughs shares her personal story and Biblical perspectives as she passionately shares her life experiences and professional knowledge through the process of Uncomplicating Love.

Coaching Is For Anyone Who Wants To:

Nancy Burroughs

  • Design their love and live it on purpose
  • Learn new concepts and techniques to enhance their relationships
  • Bring out the best in themselves and others
  • Heal a hurting relationship
  • Apply God’s love to their relationships

Coaching Program

Would you like to experience more joy and love in your relationships?

Join me for an intense journey of self-discovery. Let me guide you through the process of becoming more loving and open to receiving love.

Start Your Journey Now

It’s time to experience the love you were meant to live. Do not wait for your spouse to change or your situation to change. Now is the time to get support and ask for help in attaining the love God intended you to live. Both your spiritual life and your love life will be enriched by learning all the concepts and techniques this program has to offer. Transformation takes time; sign up today so you can start seeing. feeling and experiencing a deeper love than you have known.

Here’s How the Coaching Program Works:

Get ready to experience more joy and love in your life! Each month, we will talk over the phone about the important relationships in your life. I will coach you through the challenges and trying times. I will pray with you for inspiration to bring more love and joy into your relationships.

There are several options available for how many times we will talk each month based on your unique situation.

Many clients coach with me for 3-6 months based on the results they want to achieve in improving their relationships.

You will receive new concepts, techniques, encouragement, and support. I will show you how to plan and design how you will love others so that you receive more love in return.

Here’s What You Will Learn in the Coaching Program:

“Nancy engages you with a true desire to live out the purpose God has for your life”. ~Tamera Reaves

  • The template of love
  • What complicates love
  • How to rewrite your stories that are not serving you
  • Met and unmet expectations
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Communication style that works
  • How to design your own style of loving

Benefits of Coaching with me:

As the sayings goes, “If you are in the same frame, you cannot see the picture.” It is a gift for someone to come beside you can help you with that you cannot see or do not know. I guarantee that you will learn new insights and concepts that will transform the way you think and live love. Give yourself, your spouse, and your family and friends a beautiful new love that will have them saying,”You are shining from the inside out!” Let’s work together to create meaningful and committed relationships. Healing can happen; it is never tool late. It is true that you cannot make others change; however it is also true that the change you embrace yourself will indeed have a positive effect on others that can lead to change.

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