Imagine your work force being empowered to come from their confident authentic self instead of being driven by negative or limiting thoughts in their head. Imagine your staff knowing how to work with difficult customers or knowing how to resolve employee conflicts. Nancy is passionate to come beside you to craft a speech to fit your business and the topics that are most needed for you.  


27 years of owning businesses has given Nancy a firm foundation for understanding the relational dynamics in the business setting. Nancy enjoys creating a space for people to heal tension, division, and lack of boundaries that can happen when there is role and boundary confusion. Once a life is transformed it will affect both the work place and home. It is exciting to create a new environment where both owner and employee can thrive together.


  • How to work with difficult customers
  • How to resolve inside conflict
  • Understanding people so you know how to influence them
  • The power of being authentic and confident


  • How to effectively enroll your employees in your vision
  • How to implement systems into the workforce
  • Establishing roles and boundaries
  • Empowering leadership to rise up the workforce
  • How to create a working vision


  • Money and productivity improve with employee satisfaction
  • Increase effectiveness when systems are in place
  • Knowledge and respect for roles greater
  • A team approach will create synergy creating a greater result
  • A measureable plan can be carried out to create your vision


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