We all want to be loved!

At the deepest level of our soul, we know what love is. We crave to be with someone who will bring connection, acceptance, value, understanding, and passion. We want to feel special. We want to feel heard. We want to know our life matters, that we make a difference and that we were loved. When we do not feel these things we become disenchanted and the problems begin.


Although we long to be whole, we come together with underlying brokenness that sets us up for problems such as:

  • We allow negative self talk and negative thoughts into the relationship
  • We live with walls that we think are protecting us when in reality they are preventing us from receiving the love we so desperately want
  • We live in fear; we have been hurt and disappointed
  • We lose authenticity and therefore have rejection and self esteem issues
  • Our past affects the future
  • We do not know how to resolve the reoccurring conflicts
  • We do not know how to restore what we lost
  • We are no longer passionate; we are roommates
  • We are not free; we are filled with resentment, fear, pain, worth issues, unforgiveness, and mistrust


Problems lead to pain. The pain of brokenness can tear down a relationship making us unavailable to love freely. Our thoughts, memories, stories, emotions and free will contribute to the decline of what love is. This breakdown can lead to loneliness, disenchantment, depression, separation, divorce and even suicide. It does not have to be like this


Fortunately, brokenness can be restored to wholeness when people are ready to heal what is hurting them. The truth is in our soul. When people learn how to honor that truth and get rid of the confusion in their life they become Free to Love. The benefits of becoming free to love are:

  • You will feel beautiful in your own skin knowing who you are
  • You will no longer need to react to people; you will know how to respond
  • You will know how to handle anger or anything negative that comes your way
  • You will heal the past so you are present for the here and now
  • You will stand in your compassionate strength not giving your power away
  • You will know how to have a conversation that will give you results
  • You will learn how to access other people’s truth
  • You will know how to design your life with your spouse
  • You will be intimately attracted to one another because you know how to bring out the best in yourself and others
  • You will learn how to bring about divine intervention; the most powerful tool a marriage can have


When our brokenness has healed and and we are free to tell ourselves the truth about who we are (and we believe it) then the magic begins. No longer do we react to people, no longer do we give our power away, no longer do we need to hurt others, and no longer are we self-centered. Healthy people rise others up! They know their boundaries and are free to compassionately share wisdom and look to understand instead of judgement. Freedom to love yourself and others is a journey worth the traveling. If you would like support on the road please email me.

Nancy Burroughs                                                                                                                                                                              Inspirational Speaker and Relationship Coach