50 things I know at 50

1. That my life is my own is an illusion
2. My family is the love of my life
3. Fear has illusions
4. Being right can be expensive
5. Being perfect is impossible; excellence is rewarding
6. The secret to love is to fall in love with God so that you
can fall in love with yourself which allows you to love others
7. The secret to success is surrender
8. Listen to understand and them be understood works
9. Fasting is life changing when your seeking God full on
10. We all are on the same playing field; how I show up matters
11. We all have strenghts, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and we all
just want to be loved
12. “Just Do It” without listening to my feelings is a skill
13. Being a parent is the best “job” ever
14. I am the one who chooses how I will show up in life
15. The eyes are a picture of the soul
16. Mental Discipline grows confidence
17. Either I have faith or I do not
18. We are never alone
19. I do not need to know the how in life; it will show up when
I am in action
20. A coach can change your life by helping you step into your
21. Being the blamer, martyr, or the victim is not empowering
22. Forgiveness gives freedom
23. Love when lived on purpose is beautiful
24. When we take our eyes off ourselves and put them on
others hearts are changed
25. Being vulnerable creates healing
26. Encouragement is powerful
27. Instilling hope and belief in people rocks my world
28. I love to see the lights go on in people’s eyes
29. Sky diving and river rafting are a #10
30. Miracles happen all the time; I just need the eyes to see
31. I will always carry my children in my heart no matter how
old they are
32. Believing in someone can change their life
33. A friend who is easy to be with is a gift
34. The 5 Love Languages changed my life
35. You can only change yourself; many times your change will
change another
36. You will understand a Bible verse when you are ready for
meaning it has to offer
37. Worship is not a sing along
38. I love to eat cake for breakfast
39. Taking risks are what make me grow and become successful
40. Mistakes will happen. it means I am alive and in action
41. Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more
42. It is never too late to soar
43. One perspective can change your life
44. Never put tartar sauce in chocolate mousse; cream of
tartar silly rabbit
45. Loving God’s way can be hard yet the most profound
46. Bestowing grace brings joy
47. I am here to be of service
48. We are all more alike than different
49. When the voice of God whispers a thought in your mind
you are never the same
50. Every story I write in my head about my past, present,
or future I can rewrite in an empowering way